Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Impromtu 18 Miler (no fuel!)

I set out for 10 miles max and so I took no food or water. Ended up hammering out 18 miles. Began to bonk around mile 11ish and the full on bonk came at mile 16, which happened to be the beginning of a final climb back home. So the final 2 miles were a mix of power walking and running. Overall, very happy with the outcome. Great mental exercise too; that bonk was something else. Other than a shiny (and a bit bloody) blister on each pinky toe (curse the seam on the MT101s), I feel very good. Through 11 miles I was averaging 9 min/mile, which is pretty good for me at that distance. Here are my splits (see if you can find the bonk!): 8:18 / 8:36 / 8:52 / 9:11 / 9:03 / 8:41 / 9:09 / 8:55 / 9:15 / 9:25 / 9:36 / 10:23 / 10:01 / 11:03 / 10:49 / 12:43 / 15:48 / 15:37

My couch said that, if I can hammer out an 18 miler I would allowed to do the 50k at Bandera (instead of the 25k). So, now that I've done the 18 miler (and in pretty good time for me), will I do it?

I. Don't. Know.

You can see my data on dailymile here.

Happy trails!

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