Monday, May 14, 2012

Dakota Jones on his Epic Win at Transvulcania

Dakota Jones on his incredible win over Killian at the Transvulcania 2012. Check out the entire interview over at iRunFar. I've included one of my favorites from the interview. For such a young runner, Dakota has a really great perspective.

"Of course, I like being the center of attention. Who doesn’t? But if it was like that all the time, if I had to be around that every time I ran, I’d go out of my mind. I run because I like to run and the fact that it gets a lot of attention is really cool but it’s not going to change me. I think that’s actually the point. As I get older and I have more successes, people give me more attention. I’m afraid as people tell me so many times that I’m an amazing athlete and an amazing person that I’ll start to believe them and be a d—. I don’t want to be a d—. I just want to be a good guy and keep it in perspective. It’s really nothing more than just running a lot."

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